Here at WabFab I am a firm believer in supporting the off-road community and have done so over the past 10 years through many personal and business contributions, whether this be through time, supporting local groups, contributing to event raffles or supporting charities. Currently I am a proud supporter of Tread Lightly and follow many of the land rights groups on FaceBook and Twitter.  Unfortunately due to a few unappreciative events and several dishonest people, I no longer send any products to be raffled off at any event, Toyota or otherwise. You would think that people who ask for items for their charities and events would be honest, but I have found this not to be the norm, so as a result I will only donate to events and organizations where I know for a fact that the donation is appreciated and is handled responsibly and honestly.  As a rule of thumb now, I only donate to events where WabFab will be in attendance. I reserve the right to make exceptions as needed.

Any offroading event I attend with the WabFab crew I will always bring some WabFab exclusive product(s) to give away, as well as some WabFab swag.  If you would like to invite WabFab to your even please use the "Contact Us" form or the information on the "Contact Info" page and shoot me an invite.