WabFab Off-Road is a sole proprietor family business and operated by one person. WabFab exclusive products and services are done in order of receipt and delivery times are explicitly listed on the product detail pages. If you have need for a product in a faster time frame, ASK FIRST. I am happy to help you in your situation but not after the fact. I am at the shop less than 10 hours a week and do not intend to do any more than I do now. My life and family come first. I have plenty of customer shop projects and appreciate my existing customers. Thanks for your patronage.


  • Slider Adapter
  • Wabbit's Foot for Hi-Lift Jacks
  • Bikini Top Kits 1984-1989 4Runners

bareblackredThe Slider Adapter is what started it all...the first product ever offered by WabFab Off-Road several years ago. It became popular with many in the Toyota off-road community and has spread mostly through word of mouth and the Toyota online community. It has undergone numerous transformations and upgrades since its inception, some at the suggestion of our customers, and others due to our desire to continue to produce a high quality product that meets our own expectations. Often imitated...NEVER duplicated!

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wabbitfoot-Beefy and oversized metal base plate for added durability, strength and larger ground "foot print"
-Easy and quick changeability using a 1/2" hitch receiver pin (not included)
-Bites the ground for extra holding power
-Works on any Hi-Lift Jack
-Not for use at the mall, breaking beads or changing tires in your garage on the concrete

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bikini top kitA completely new Bikini Top Kit from WabFab Off-Road with (2) available options. The factory roll bar is required for proper installaion with the factory padding preferred. No straps are needed to secure the top in the cargo area and no drilling is required. This kit is completely bolt on.
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