This installation is on a 2000 4Runner using a 2" body lift with additional accessories, but any body lift installation is similar.


This installation is on a 2000 4Runner using a 2" body lift with additional accessories, but any body lift installation is similar.

Parts: 2" body lift lit with 2 bumper brackets, steering extension spacer with 2 longer bolts w/nuts, longer bolts w/lock nuts for spacers, 2" spacers

Tools: hydraulic lift, screw jack, 4x4, air ratchet, sockets and extensions, Phillips screwdriver, ladder bodylift

The night before I crawled under my rig and blasted each of the ten body mount bolts with PB Blaster and the bolts that hold on the bumper. My rig is only a 2000, so rust really shouldn't have been a problem anyway, but it just made things easier and the body mounts aren't hard to find. Two up front, two in back, three on each side of the body.

Take the Phillips screwdriver and remove the bottom carpet molding in the cargo area and on the front and back doors on both sides. You might also need to pop out the quarter panels in the front. Pull back the carpet and padding to find the body mount bolts. They will be covered by a black plastic square so pop those out. Note that each bolt has a washer with tabs on each side that lock into tab holders so the bolt doesn't spin when you crank on it from underneath. When you remove your bolts you need to knock these washers off and put them on your new bolts. I started to tack weld mine onto the new bolts so they would stay but didn't want to get anything off center, so I just slipped them on instead. In the cargo area there should really be no need to take off the quarter panels as there was plenty of room to get to the bolts, at least on my rig.

Look under the hood and loosen the battery cable harness so when you jack up the body you don't pop it off. It has plenty of slack in it, you just need to loosen it so it will slide as you lift. After your molding is off and you have the black caps off use your hydraulic lift to lift the frame. We were able to get it about chest high so the body mounts were right there easily accessed. Go ahead and take off the nuts/washers for the body mounts paying particular attention to what nuts/washers etc. come off each body mount. Some of them are different and there is one on each side that has a long bushing that keeps the body from flying off the frame if you are hit from the side. Just put the parts back together like you find them after you put in the new bolts and spacers.

After you have everything loose and laid out so you know how to put it back together, take off the bumper. I took mine off because there were two of us and it was no big deal. I think there were either 6 or 8 bolts we took off, but it wasn't hard. Make sure you disconnect the bumper light cords so you don't rip them off or break the plastic. Set the bumper aside. Now get under there, find the steering and loosen the two bolts that hold the whole little assembly together. It was easier to take out the steering assembly later, but it needed to be loosened now.

Now, it's time to use the screw jack. Place the 4x4 on top of the screw jack up next to the body, I just put it about mid way of the 4Runner on each side, and screwed up the jack about 2 - 2.25", enough to get in the spacers. I climbed up on the ladder and pulled out the bolts while my partner used the vice and a rubber mallet to knock off those tabbed washers that you must reuse. As he handed me a new bolt, I put it through the spacers below and then he put back on the appropriate washers/lock nuts. I had to hold the bolts up top while he tightened them below. Repeat other side.

Don't put the vehicle down yet, take that little steering assembly out, yeah, the whole thing and put the steering extension in. Just match up the bolts and the holes. You will have to use the two longer bolts supplied. You need to make sure you mark the spline where you took out the assembly, top and bottom, so that you will know where to put it back in when you reassemble, this way your steering wheel won't be off when you drive straight. Put the assembly back on.

Remove the lower radiator valence so it doesn't hit. No need to use drop brackets for the radiator unless you just want to. Plenty of clearance and it actually seems to fit better without the brackets.

Now put the bumper back on. Line up the bumper brackets on the front bumper mounts. This is where you need the 2" lift so the bumper will be close to the body again. The mounts on the sides don't line up after you raise the bumper, but I figure if someone hits you up front it won't matter anyway. These just seemed to be for extra support. I just put the bolts back where they came out so in case I need them for something later.

Hook back up your lights.

Lower the vehicle. Reattach the battery cable harness, put the carpet and padding back, put back the molding, clean up your mess and you are done.

Took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes, so it was a quick mod with the proper tools.