1. After coating your OEM sway bar end links with some lubricant the day/night before, remove both and save them as you might want to put them back on if you ever decide to sell the vehicle. Use the OEM end links as a height reference compared to your new end links and trim the top threaded stud accordingly depending on the amount of lift you have on the rear of your vehicle.

2. Adjust the lower nylock on the long threaded stud using a 19mm wrench on the nylock w/ another 19mm wrench on the flat part of the rod end (19mm=3/4”) in such a way that the sway bar will be level with the bottom of the lower bushing and washer. Again you can use your OEM sway bar end links for reference.

3. Install the Grade 10.9 stud into the bracket in the frame. The frame goes between the bolt head and the first nylock. The end link secures between the first nylock and the second nylock.

4. Installation of the end links involves inserting the long threaded stud through the sway bar and putting on the top bushing, washer and nylock; and then sliding the rod end over the lower stud and securing with the second nylock.

5. Install bushings with the raised portions towards the sway bar and washers on the outside (lower nylock-washer-bushing-swaybar-bushing-washer-top nylock).

6. Do not tighten the top nylock fully until both sides are installed then fully tighten both sides.

If you have any questions about the installation of this product, please contact us for help before attempting to modify the disconnects in any way.